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Renaissance Farm's Frozen Basil Purée:

Field-grown basil and imported olive oil. No artificial anything. Our frozen basil purée is the perfect foundation for sauces, pestos, soups, vinaigrettes, pasta salads and more. We use only our own Wisconsin field-grown basil and imported extra virgin olive oil. Long days and warm nights create a sumptuous, deep, rich flavor in our basil crops. For more than 20 years it has been the foundation for Renaissance Farm's seven pestos, as well as the pestos of a small number of other local pesto makers. We are now making our herb base available to all. This is a very high-quality product.



Defrost/temper in a cooler until the herb base is workable. Use the basil in this tempered state. The basil may oxidize on the edges (turn dark) when exposed to air. This is cosmetic only and does not affect the product's taste or quality. You may blend this part back into the rest of the puree before use if desired.


Sauces: Add 1 Tbs frozen puréed basil per quart of hollandaise, cream, tarter, or tomato sauces.

Soups: Add 2 Tbs frozen puréed basil per quart of chowders, broths, vegetables, or cream soups.

Vegetable Dip: Blend 1 quart sour cream or yogurt with 2 Tbs frozen puréed basil. Serve as potato topping or with breaded or fresh vegetables.

Hot Vegetables: Use 1 Tbs frozen puréed basil for every 2 lbs. of hot vegetables.

Chicken or Fish: Lightly baste frozen puréed basil on chicken breasts or fish filets, cover and bake.

Flavored Butter: Blend 2 Tbs frozen puréed basil to 1 lb of softened butter.

Lasagna: Mix 1 Tbs of frozen puréed basil with ricotta or cottage cheese.

Salad Dressing: Mix in 1-3 Tbs of frozen puréed basil with your favorite creamy or oil & vinegar dressing.

Egg Dishes: Add Tbs frozen puréed basil to omelets or scrambled eggs.

Pesto: Add to each 6 oz of frozen puréed basil: 2 cloves garlic, 1/3 cup olive oil, 2 Tbs walnuts or pine nuts, cup Parmesan cheese. Allow at least three hours for the flavors to blend before serving. Adjust proportions to suit your individual taste.