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In the early 1980s, Mark Olson became a farmer as a means to express his two largest passions: good food and the outdoors. Long warm days interspersed with sultry and cool nights created a sumptuous, deep flavor in his crops.

Olson wanted to find a way to take this rich flavor from the field to the table. This desire, coupled with an active imagination and a good palette, inspired him to create his first product line: seven varieties of all-natural pesto.

Olson then developed his herb-infused olive oils. He produces these oils from seed to bottle in one operation. Olson has what some may consider an unusual relationship with his crops: he likes to "listen" to them and "see" what they need and what they can become. This listening process is how he created his infused oils.

After creating his oils, Olson decided to take on salad dressings. Each bottle of his high-end, "super premium" lemon basil and cilantro vinaigrettes contains an ounce of his pesto of the same name. His sweet basil vinaigrette is made from his field-grown basil and olive oil.

Olson farms two to three acres of land in southwestern Wisconsin. He farms naturally, weeds by hand, and tends both the plants and the soil. He even invented "Chitty," a unique piece of equipment that he uses to help pick the herbs. Within hours of picking, Olson takes the herbs to his licensed commercial kitchen to process, ensuring their flavor and freshness.

Olson uses only field-grown herbs and imported extra virgin olive oil. He carefully tends to the infusion and production himself, overseeing the process from beginning to end. He then packages his pestos, oils, and vinaigrettes for sale at the Dane County Farmers' Market and for retail distribution in the upper Midwest.

All Renaissance Farm products are prepared by hand, using "honest" ingredients. There are no fancy chemicals or equipment. Ingredients are chosen based on their flavor, rather than cost or availability.